Costly Love – The Way to True Unity for All the Followers of Jesus



Part One
Who is God?

1. The Steadfast Love of the Lord
2. The Meaning of Costly Love
3. Two Faces of God’s Love

Part Two
Why Should We Love?

4. Falling in Love With God
5. To Whom Shall I Be a Neighbor?

Part Three
How Can Love Become Our Goal?

6. Can the Church Regain Love as Its Goal?
7. How Discipleship Is Rooted in Love
8. The Most Astounding Command Ever Uttered

Part Four
How Can We Recover the Commandment Jesus Gave?

9. The New Commandment
10. How the New Commandment Was Lost
11. The Way of the New Covenant

Part Five
What Makes Our Love So Costly?

12. Costly Love in a Hostile World
13. Followers of the Way
14. Finding Divine Life in Costly Love
15. This Is My Body, Broken by You.

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